Thursday, 31 January 2013

50 More Illustrations

So as part of my application to one of the fashion design degree courses I had to create '50 ideas for Fashion'. Thought I'd share them here..


Some Illustrations

A few years ago I used to find drawing such a task. I thought it took hours to get an accurate representation of what you were depicting, matching up all the tones and lines and so it took a lot for me to want to draw. I always enjoyed it but it got a little tedious and I would want to work and rework everything so that it looked 'perfect'. Wow, I'm glad I don't think like that now. I appreciate the talent of those who can make things like photo-realistic, but I realise if I wanted that effect, I could just take a photo. I'm really enjoying some new styles I've picked up over the past year or so which are really quick and have a lot more character.


Sunday, 27 January 2013


Wrap dress coat modelled by my beautiful sister. Styled and photographed by me.

Coat - Emily Tan
Shoes - COS
Lips - MAC Media and Revlon Va Va Violet


This project started with me receiving a vintage wrap dress pattern and the task of altering it to make it 'cooler' or more contemporary. I ended up making a wool coat but I think that the construction hints at its origins. I was interested in the history of the wrap dress - designed to flaunt a woman's curves and show liberation for women. In contrast I have included an androgynous touch, drowning the silhouette and inverting it so instead of an hour glass you have a diamond like shape. I also thought about women nowadays who are stronger, goal oriented and less 'flirty housewife'. A coat is more indicative of this as it is functional and shows that the role of the woman is no longer in the household to look pretty. I got rid of any bright colour or feminine prints to also portray this strength and to make the construction the main focus of my coat.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Don't Overthink It

I think it is typical for art students to worry over their 'final' pieces of work. I know that's one of my problems, especially now that I'm trying to loosen up and draw more quickly. This is a sheet of paper I used to practice faces before I chose the 'final' one. I actually prefer them to half of my overthought drawings.

Emie x