Sunday, 27 January 2013


This project started with me receiving a vintage wrap dress pattern and the task of altering it to make it 'cooler' or more contemporary. I ended up making a wool coat but I think that the construction hints at its origins. I was interested in the history of the wrap dress - designed to flaunt a woman's curves and show liberation for women. In contrast I have included an androgynous touch, drowning the silhouette and inverting it so instead of an hour glass you have a diamond like shape. I also thought about women nowadays who are stronger, goal oriented and less 'flirty housewife'. A coat is more indicative of this as it is functional and shows that the role of the woman is no longer in the household to look pretty. I got rid of any bright colour or feminine prints to also portray this strength and to make the construction the main focus of my coat.

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