Monday, 25 February 2013

Unexpected Pleasures @ The Design Museum

A few weekends ago I went and visited the jewellery exhibition at the Design Museum. It is set into themed areas which explore ideas from narrative to controversial modern issues: 'WORN OUT', 'A FINE LINE' and 'LINKING LINKS'.
   The pieces were absolutely incredible and a lot of them really made you question what jewellery is and what it can be. I loved Christoph Zellweger's prosthetic pieces which looked at the idea of jewellery becoming a permanent fixture on the body. His ideas behind prosthetics are fascinating and his piece 'Foreign Bodies' is worth a read. A quote from it states 'So what will people find in tomorrow's graves?...burial sites with metal implants, hip replacements, stents' and battery driven pacemakers? Will they find traces of silicon and botox too?'

There were also many pieces which wouldn't obviously scream jewellery; they were worn in unconventional places on the body and distorted the overall silhouette. Of course I love kooky stuff like that so I've been trying to see how I can incorporate this distortion into my own design work.

   I would definitely recommend a visit if you're looking to fill a weekend. You are sure to find something fun, controversial or just outright weird that tickles your fancy. The exhibition runs till the 3rd March. 

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